Photography Posing Secrets Review

Posted on 16. Jan, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: Photography Posing Secrets
Standard Price: $24.97
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 02nd Oct 2010
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Publisher’s Description

Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Produce The Professional Standard Portraits You’ve Always Wanted By Mastering The Secrets Of Camera-Friendly Poses. This Practical, Proven, Powerful System Will Fast Track Your Ability To Produce Expert Shots Every Time.

  • Exercises and suggestions to help analyze pictures and poses.
  • How to avoid foreshortening of limbs.
  • How to focus on the body to aid posing.
  • Important points to consider for a reclining position.
  • Ten simple solutions when your model does not know what to do with their hands.
  • The key to duplicating or creating any pose.
  • The three basic head movements that make a difference to your model’s features.
  • The three letters that can build a pose (no, not A-B-C).

User Reviews

Photography Posing Secrets Review8.0103
  1. Tim Cornia January 2016 #
    Malcolm, I have just downloaded your Posing Secrets vol 1 and have spent the last hour going through it. All I can say is “Wow”! Before, I would go through magazines and look at the posed pictures in the ads in an attempt to learn new poses but I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. The sections in your book on body lines and foot placement made total sense and now I know what I am looking for when I look at the magazines. Thanks again for a very good informative book on posing.
  2. John Mullin January 2016 #
    I have found the way I approach a session has now changed, with more forethought and use of your diagrams and rough sketches to help direct the subject. Making me feel more of a reasonably confident director than someone trying to communicate without much success. My daughter tends to be my ‘guinea pig’ more often than not when trying something new and she summed it up better than I could – as she no longer finds posing difficult or like a game of twister that has gone wrong. Best Regards
  3. Tina Davis January 2016 #
    I highly recommend this Posing Secrets Volume 1. It teaches the photographer how to pose every aspect of the subject from their head to their toes. Before I read the book I could only pose models with model pose cards, but now I can come up with my own posing ideas. I am very glad I bought the book and look forward to purchasing volume 2.

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